Custom advergame solutions

We develop fully customizable advergames for brands that can build loyalty among their fanbase with games designed for all devices through the use of web apps or native apps. Our involvement starts from initial brainstorming and goes through the design and development processes, finalized by the game launch.

Best works
Ecco alcune delle nostre principali soluzioni:
  • Puzzles: ask users to solve a customized puzzle with your logo and brand colors. Adjust difficulty settings and generate leads
  • Endless Runner: avoid obstacles, collect points and continue endlessly in this unique and addictive gaming experience
  • Memory: increase brand and/or product recognition and collect new contacts with a memory game, customizing all cards with the brand logo and colors
  • Spin the wheel: test your luck by linking a rewards/prizes system
  • Adventure: adventure games with horizontal development can be used as event or home engagement
  • Hidden objects: challenge users with games that challenge their visual attention to keep track of all hidden objects in an environment
  • Matching: connection games between different pairs of images that allow users to recognize brand-themed objects
  • Crossword puzzle: classic time-based word game to search for keywords related to a brand or campaign

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