Augmented reality filters for social media platforms - Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok.

We design and create augmented reality filters that can be used in Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok stories. The service covers both the development and the strategy related to their use, communication and promotion. STAR also develops AR solutions for web apps.

Best works
Here are some of our main solutions:
  • Basic Filter: creation of 2D overlays (static or dynamic images, digital frames, environmental filters with color modification)
  • Face Tracking: creation of 2D or 3D overlays fixed on specific points of user's face (masks, lettering, digital tattoos, objects such as sunglasses, hats, piercings or other)
  • Skin Segmentation: implementation of static or dynamic graphic elements on user's full body. Tracking will recognize user's skin color and place graphics on neck, shoulders, arms and legs
  • Face Gestures: activation of 2D or 3D content through specific face movements such as closing the eyes, opening the mouth, kissing gestures or head movements
  • Hand Gestures: implementation of hand gestures that allow users to control 2D or 3D object by moving their hand as a pointer.
  • Augmented Reality: adding 2D or 3D objects, both static and dynamic such as animated 3D models (e.g. a dress, a shoe or a car) to the real world frame
  • Marker: shots of real objects, such as logos on t-shirts or paper tickets, to be transformed into augmented reality displays to show more information, data sheets or animated 2D or 3D content
  • Virtual Try-on: virtual try-on systems with objects such as clothing or accessories (hats, sunglasses, earrings) or entire make-up collections (eyeliner, lipstick, foundation) to be able to test a product in real time without having to go to the store
  • Stickers: creative ideas and support on uploading custom dynamic stickers for Instagram stories. An additional add-on for customizing your Instagram stories and making a logo or creativity go viral
  • AR Web App: development of online solutions for augmented reality experiences outside the social media world but with a dedicated website

Contact us to learn more and let us create your customized filter based on your needs and goals.