Custom technologic solutions for events

We develop custom, original and entertaining event technology solutions. We ensure a high level of guest engagement and we deliver brand visibility and leads. In fact, all our technologies integrate engagement, social visibility and data collection, all through specifically designed paths for each goal.

Best works
Here are some of our main solutions:
  • Social Live Printer: live printing of photos posted on social media with a dedicated hashtag or tag
  • Social Live Wall: live projection of photos posted on social media with a dedicated hashtag or tag
  • Social GIF Machine: shoot, share and print customizable GIFs with backgrounds and overlays
  • Sky Shot: take, share and print photos with a top-down perspective in a customizable set
  • Influencer Photographer: printing and live sharing of photos taken by a professional photographer
  • Social & Desk Mirror: dedicated touchscreens for taking, customizing, sharing and printing photos
  • Social 360°: recording and sharing videos with a 360° effect
  • Social Mosaic: live composition of an image with photos taken by Johannes solutions
  • Street Art Wall: projection of a customizable image by drawing with spray cans on a canvas
  • Room Experience: interactive photo booth for taking and printing photos in a customizable set with various visuals and sound effects
  • Once a Story: interaction with AR filters with a Johannes touchscreen for photo or video recordings
  • S-Catchy: projection of drawings, inserted in a dedicated scanner, onto a video output
  • Reflex Game: an interactive product that allows users to play by testing their reflexes in the shortest time possible

Contact us for more information and to study together a customized solution based on your needs and objectives.